Stage One Kit 12


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The clever engineering gives you a sturdy stage system that’s so simple to assemble that a child can do it, while providing a strong platform for your performances.  You can use it however you need to make the most of your space and time, pack it away and then re-use it for an entirely different purpose.

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Product Description

This Gratnells Stage comes with twelve 750mm x 750mm panels (2.25m x 3m stage) complete with  birch front trim panels and one set of steps.

The total stage area is 6.75 m2

This set comes with:

  • 12 x 750mm x 750mm deck panels
  • 20 x 450mm legs
  • 31 x  750mm deck bars
  • 4 x birch trims
  • 3 x gap mouldings
  • 4 x corner mouldings
  • 1 x 2 step unit

Shipping Information

5 to 10 Working Days